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This album displays various images from Verbier, Le Massif, Zermatt

It is even possible to create a little story, and illustrate it with pictures from this (or some other) album. For example, the picture to the right of this text (which you can actually click) was shot in Zermatt. Quoting the Wikipedia, Zermatt is a village located (461′N 745′E) at the northern base of the Matterhorn in the German-speaking and predominantly Roman Catholic section of the Valais canton in southern Switzerland. It is 62 km southeast of Gstaad, and only about 10 km from the border with Italy.

Zermatt has a permanent population of around 5,500 people, although the actual population varies considerably through the seasons as tourists come and go. The village is situated at the end of a south-facing valley, at an altitude of 1620m (5315 ft). The valley is a dead end; although the border with Italy is close, it cannot be crossed by road, as it traverses a glacier at an altitude of over 3000m.

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