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Uploading images   


DAlbum by itself does not contain any image uploading code. In my opinion, FTP is much better suited for handling multiple uploads than any web-interface: it is faster, easier to use, allows multiple upload threads etc. When there are 100 pictures to upload, there is no other choice but FTP.

It is also questionable whether FTP is too complex for an average user. An average user typing ftp://user:pass@ftp.myserver.com in Microsoft Internet Explorer receives friendly and relatively convenient file management interface. Drag&drop can be used to move files back and forth often without realizing that upload/download is being done. Nothing new really: no web interfaces with their limitations, no security problems with PHP and file ownership etc.

PHP file managers

When FTP is not an option, a separate PHP file manager can be installed. One of the following is recommended (all are free):

You may also try searching Google or HotScripts for other file manager scripts, but the bulk majority of the free ones (I tried about 20 of them) are either too simple, or do not work, or look ugly, or require register_globals to be on, or are dangerously insecure etc. Perhaps I was not lucky enough.

In future there also will be DAlbum PHP file manager extension (available as separate download) that will respect DAlbum permission settings and color schemes.

Adding upload button

So the following assumes that either you have decided to allow users to use FTP, or have one of the PHP file managers in place.

Now you need to add 'Upload' button to the DAlbum toolbar when DAlbum is in admin mode.

The recommended solution would be to edit config/custom.php, uncomment customGetButton function and change it as follows:


Change $uploadURL to point to your PHP file manager or FTP location.