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System requirements   
What do you need to run DAlbum?


  • Web-server running Apache 1.3.* or later. DAlbum was also tested with Microsoft IIS 5 and 6.
  • PHP 4.1.* or later installed as CGI or as Apache Module. Even PHP in Safe mode is supported. PHP5 seems to be fine with the script too, but produces a few warnings that can be switched off as described in Troubleshooting section.
  • Image resizing tools to resize images and create thumbnails. It could be either:
    • ImageMagick 5.7 (highly recommended)
    • Any other command-line image resizing tool. Example for NetPBM is given here.
    • GD library. Please note that only GD library 2.0 or later can produce images comparable to ImageMagick results. Please also note that GD library above 1.6 does NOT support .GIF format. If you have .GIF images, use ImageMagick or convert your GIFs to PNG before uploading.
    • None of the above. It is possible to operate DAlbum without any imaging tools installed at all. Resized images and thumbnails shall be created and uploaded manually in this case.


  • Browsers:
    • Internet Explorer 5.0+, Gecko-based browsers (Mozilla, Firebird, KMeleon etc), Opera 7 and Konqueror 3 are fully supported.
    • In older browsers such as IE 4.0 and Opera 6, tree view is always fully expanded. There are also minor layout artefacts with these browsers.
    • Finally and unfortunately, Netscape Navigator 4 is not supported - it does not seem to understand gzip-ed pages, crashes or stops loading in the middle of the page and does other weird stuff. Other ancient browsers such as IE 3 are also not supported.
  • 1024x768 or better resolution is recommended for viewing.