1.44 build 178

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New installation   
Installing DAlbum for the first time

To install DAlbum and upload digital pictures you need:

  1. Web-space. Check links for some cheap or even free options.
  2. FTP client software. Check links if you don't have any installed.

When you have your web-site and FTP client up and running, follow the next 10 steps:

  1. Download DAlbum 1.44 build 178 from dalbum144_178.zip (180kb) or dalbum144_178.tar.gz.
  2. Create a directory on your web-site. The following assumes that the created directory is /photo inside your web-root.
  3. Extract dalbum144_178.zip file into your /photo directory. The following directory structure will be created:
    Warning: Many FTP clients do not display files and directories starting with dot (like .private) by default. Please check your FTP client settings. If you can't find the setting search for show hidden files [Your FTP Client Name] for instructions.
  4. Adjust access rights so PHP has write access to /photo/.private and /photo/pictures. On *nix with PHP running as nobody, chmod these directories to 0777.
  5. Connect to www.mysite.com/photo/index.php , click 'Log in' and login as user admin with password admin.
  6. Follow 'Reindex' link to reindex you photo album. Wait a few seconds until initial reindexing is completed.
  7. Return to the main page, you should be able to see a test picture there.
  8. If the test picture did not appear please check Troubleshooting section.
  9. Change admin password in user manager (to start user manager follow 'Users' link on the main page).
  10. Upload your digital pictures to /photo/pictures and reindex again.

If you're not satisfied with default configuration settings, please check Configuration and customization section to find out how to change DAlbum settings and modify its appearance.

Or just start editing ./config/config.php if you don't feel like reading now.

You may also consider installing Bonus Pack 1 to add slide show, video and other features.