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DAlbum best features

DAlbum is a personal photo album. It was designed to provide an easy and secure way to share pictures with friends and family.

The script itself includes only basic functionality for the sake of code size and simplicity. It can be easily extended with required features or embedded into an existing web-site.

It's easy to view pictures:

It's easy to install and configure:

  • No database to configure and backup.
  • Usually no configuration is necessary - DAlbum starts working immediately. Yet many configuration options are available for advanced users.
  • Four color schemes are supplied - feel free to use them or create your own.
  • Convenient web-interface is provided for user management and common administration tasks.
  • All configuration files including album comments and titles are easy to read and modify with any text editor.
  • Works with PHP in safe mode and does not require register_globals PHP option to be set. Does not generate any PHP warnings and notices either.
  • A convenient utility that automatically upgrades your existing DAlbum installation to the most recent version is provided.

It's easy to upload images:

  • All you need to publish your pictures is to upload original image files to the server using FTP or by other means. DAlbum will recognize used directory structure, automatically resize large images to desired resolution and create thumbnails.
  • If your pictures are already organized on the hard-drive you can keep the same directory structure on the server.
  • DAlbum is ideal for running a web-server on home PC - no need to create a copy of your images; just specify where your files are located and DAlbum will use them.
  • Nested albums are supported.
  • Titles and comments can be provided for albums and individual images. Comments can be in HTML or plain-text.

Finally, it's scalable, customizable and secure:

  • Every album has access control list with users who are allowed to view contained pictures.
  • Basic HTTP authentication and session control access methods are supported.
  • Album look and feel can be completely customized with page templates and CSS stylesheets. That does not mean that only colors and background images can be changed. You can change it all! Page templates are usual PHP files, there is no new language to learn.
  • Passwords are stored in standard Apache .htpasswd format and not in plain-text.
  • .htaccess files are created automatically to protect your images from unathorised access (Apache only).
  • It's very easy to upgrade your existing installation to the most recent version. With the utility provided it can be done with one mouse click.
  • DAlbum was tested with 500+ albums and 10000+ pictures.